Termination Letter For Student


A Termination Letter for Student is written by an authoritative person at an academic institution, such as a school, college or university, to a particular student. A student may be terminated for several reasons, such as for displaying inappropriate behavior with the faculty or other students, poor academic performance, non-payment of fees, use of inappropriate language, etc. A letter such as this is not written immediately after a misconduct is observed, it is issued after certain warnings have been delivered before.

Termination Letter for Student should be written in the most polite manner, despite being a termination letter. The letter should clearly and in detail mention the reasons that have caused the termination of the student. The writer should conclude the letter by suggesting certain changes in the student which shall be beneficial for her and him. The letter should be finished by wishing the student success for the future.

Sample Letter

The following is a sample of a Termination Letter for Student.


Arnab Juneja

Research Instructor,

Indian Institute of Agriculture and Research,

Hill Side Road, Pusa,




Shivani Adhana

Plot No. 344,

Sector 46, Faridabad,


Subject: Termination Due to Inappropriate Behaviour

Dear Ms. Shivani Adhana,

This is to inform you that you are being terminated from Indian Institute of Agriculture and Research with immediate effect from May 18, 2017, due to your inappropriate behavior with the members of the faculty.

Despite repeated warnings, both verbal as well as written, the institution has failed to observe any changes in your behavior with your teachers. The use of foul language by you with the teachers has frequently been seen by the members. Also, your academic performance has been declining consistently. As per the policies of the institution, such an unfitting and unprofessional behavior with anybody at the Institute is not tolerable. The complaints from the teachers regarding your improper attitude have been received in great numbers. The breach of the institute’s policies by you has lead to your dismissal. Since the decision has been approved by the management, you are barred from attending any classes at the Institute henceforth. Furthermore, if your presence is observed at the Institute, then legal action shall be sought.

It is believed that this action shall bring a positive change in you and that you will attempt to change your behavior for future purposes. I, on behalf of the entire management, wish you every success for your future. If any documents are to be collected by you, kindly do so by tomorrow, that is,  May 17, 2017.

Thanking you.

Yours sincerely,

Arnab Juneja

Research Instructor,

Indian Institute of Agriculture and Research

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