Termination letter for Non Performance

Termination letter for Non Performance


For maximum productivity from its employees, companies have to conduct a performance evaluation consistently. This is a regular cycle which helps weed out employees who are not performing up to the mark. In such cases, the management gives a Termination letter for non-performance to an employee who has not been performing to par, despite many counsels and warnings.

This is a highly formal letter and therefore should maintain a professional tone throughout its course. The letter states the reason for the termination clearly and to be following the guidelines of employment and termination of the state labor law, to avoid disputes by the affected employee. This letter should be as detailed as possible. The letter should begin with the employee’s contribution so that it doesn’t demotivate him or her for future decisions in life. Do also mention what the employee can do to improve his or her performance in the future.



Human Resource Department

Global Bank

8489 Atlas Drive
Bakersfield, CA 8881

January 29, 2011


Charles Conner


Counter Service

Global Bank

Mr. Charles Conner

Re: Termination for NonPerformance


Human Resource

Herewith, this letter serves as a notice to you that your services at Global Bank as a cashier at the Counter Service are no longer required. Hence, your employment with Global Bank is terminated as of the end of this month.

While you did start out as a star employee, we regret to inform you that your performance since your time here with us has only been going downhill with each passing month. You were indeed a promising candidate with in-depth knowledge about your job and showed sheer commitment to your work. However, after much consideration, the management has decided to terminate your employment.

All dues will be computed to you on your last day of work, which is tomorrow, January 20, 2011. The Management has not found your performance to be satisfactory despite many counsels and warnings. You are frequently late for work and take longer lunch breaks which caused inconvenience and unfairness to your colleagues who had to stand in for you. You no longer show commitment to your work, in fact, the past month you have been extremely lackadaisical. Your projects were not submitted on time, and according to your attendance, you have missed five days in the past month itself.

Henceforth, the Bank Management is exercising its right to terminate your employment based on the above non-performance listed against you. Please clear your personal belongings by tomorrow. According to the company policy, we will not be able to provide you with reference for your future jobs.

Global Bank

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