Termination Letter For Misconduct


Termination Letter is written by an employer to remove an employee from a particular post in the company. He or she can write the letter or can order someone who works under him or her to send this letter to the employee whom the boss wants to terminate. The reason for terminating the employee can be anything like poor performance in work or bad behavior in the company or something which cannot be tolerated or encouraged by the firm.

Termination Letter for misconduct is due to miss behavior or bad behavior of the employee. It can be with an employee or even with the higher officials. If an employee is removed from his or her position due to misconduct, then it will be difficult for him or her to get a job at any other place as they will first look at conduct certificate.

Sample Termination Letter For Misconduct:



The Manager,

Tata Consultancy Services,

Hitech City,





Assistant Software Trainee,

Tata Consultancy Services,

Hitech City,


Dear Mahindra,

I am Nikhil, your manager writing this letter to inform you that I am terminating you from your post of Assistant Software Trainee from 10th of this month. The reason for taking this decision on you is your misbehavior. Your behavior with fellow employees and even with me is extremely dissatisfactory. I have got many complaints stating you are misbehaving with your colleagues and I have also observed that kind of behavior a couple of times. But due to your good working skills, I have given you many chances, but you haven’t changed your behaviour despite many warnings. So I do not accept this anymore and terminate you from the position.

I gave you warnings for a couple of times regarding your behaviour because you are talented and hard working. But these qualities doesn’t suppress the fact that you have been misbehaving with people and do not agree to change your attitude after warnings. I hope you know the consequences of being terminated for misconduct. I hope you will change and try to be a good person. I wish you all the best for your future. You should submit your company ID card on 10th and take all the certificates along with your due salary.

With Regards,


The Manager,

Tata Consultancy Services.


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