Termination Letter For Fraud


The word ‘termination’ is the action or process to put an end to something. It may be in the form of dismissal, firing or lay-off. In another word, it is the act of ending of employment with an employer or a specific client. Any fraudulent activity is not accepted and tolerated by the organisations since it is an illegal activity. When the fraud gets exposed, it may lead to termination of contract, services or organisation cancellation of the employee, depending upon the graveness of the fraud.

Termination letter for fraud is written to terminate people from companies or to terminate the contract between companies if any fraud is committed. This letter is mainly written to the person or organisation who are indulged in activities such as violation of the rules and norms, passing of confidential information outside the organisation, committing theft, not supporting the management when in need. Any person whose activity is found to be against management will be considered as fraud and can be terminated by the organisation. Whatever be the reason for termination, the letter must be written in a polite tone and not in a disrespectful way.

Sample Letter

The following is the sample letter of Termination Letter for fraud.



Red Chillies International Ltd.,




Vivian Elton,

Falling Bridge, Road No-5,

Apartment No-125,


Subject :- Termination of services.

Dear Mr. Elton,

On behalf of Red Chillies International Ltd., I write this termination letter of your service.  I feel sorry for being the bearer of the bad news of your expulsion, but according to company’s law, our managing team has decided to terminate you from your service.

After the news by media on March 29, 2017, our managing team carefully examined all the records and found out that some confidential information has been passed by you to other organisation. Despite our previous warnings and interventions you continued to violate the norms and indulge in a fraudulent activity which has caused considerable loss to the reputation of the company in the market. The customer ratio has declined to an unbelievable extent due to their lack of faith in us.

Your fraudulent behaviour cannot be countenanced. We don’t want to take this matter to the court, but we will be forced to file a case against you if you don’t accept your crime and return the company’s assets within 5 days notice period, till then you are not allowed to come to office without prior permission.

I hope this type of illegal, fraudulent activity will not be committed by you in future anywhere. Wish you luck for your future.

For further questions please contact me.


Alex Mayos,

HR Head,

Red Chillies International Ltd.,


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