Termination Letter For Absenteeism


Nowadays, to get a job is difficult. But, unfortunately, many already employed people don’t understand the importance of the fact that they are on the job. Some employees understand ‘only their rights,’ but not ‘their duties.’ To achieve the goals of a production or in some service industries to maintain the reputation of good skillful service of the organization to the general public, Service Orders and Service Regulations are used for controlling such employees. The promotion policies are prepared in which it is accepted that ‘no person shall retire in the same grade as joined,’ but there is a condition that there should not be any absenteeism of the employee and that he should have completed a minimum number of years of continuous service.

The incentive schemes are also prepared for encouraging employees for giving more than 100%. In spite of all these incentives, if a person remains absent due to genuine difficulty or reason that is also considered favorable to the employee is a good worker. But if an employee remains absent without any reason just for negligence, then two effects take place, the first one is the person is employed but is not contributing to production or service for which he is recruited and is only a burden. Secondly, because the employee is on roll ,there is no vacancy in that post, which is affecting the performance. A show cause notice letter is sent to such employee with a notice period, and if the employee didn’t respond then ultimate “Termination Letter for Absenteeism” is sent to the employee.


Sample Letters:



A J John.

HR Department,


Mumbai 400001



Mr. Andy Gilbert

8/8,  Antop Hill

Mumbai 400018

Sub: Termination for Absenteeism.

Dear Mr. Andy Gilbert

Ref: Our Letter No 9/Performance/29 Dated: DD/MM/YYYY

The purpose of this letter is to inform you that your employment as a Sales Executive with Robert Software Solutions has been terminated with immediate effect. Despite multiple warnings earlier, for which you failed to respond and hence we have no choice but to take these drastic measures as per company policy.

Company record states that there is no improvement in your attendance and you continue to be absent without prior permission.

Due to your absenteeism, we lost Project XYZ which was under your supervision. The loss of this project has cost the company an enormous financial loss which will take many years to cover.

Thus, we regret to notify that your services are no longer required with effect from DD/MM/YYYY.

We wish you the very best of success in your future endeavors. Thank you for your services rendered to the company.


A J John.


HR Dept.

Copy to:-

Accounts Dept.



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