Termination Employment Letter


A Termination Employment letter can be written by the management of a company to its employee, or it can be drafted by an employee who wants to terminate his employment with the company. When a company hires any employee, it makes them sign an employment contract for a certain period of time with many terms and conditions in it. One of the many terms is that the employee can’t leave the job whenever he or she wants. They have to give a proper notice before they wish to terminate that contract. To do so, a termination employment letter is written by either of the parties, who wish to terminate the contract before its completion.

A termination employment contract is a formal letter and should be written professionally. It should also mention proper reasons for the termination of the contract before its completion. Also, attach the documents the other party might require along with this letter for fast process.


Sample :

The following is the sample of Termination Employment Letter.



Human Resource,

Masson Security Services,

1129 Atha Drive,
Bakersfield, CA 93301

10 January 2017


James April,

General Worker,

Production Department,

Masson Security Services.

Dear Mr. April,

Subject: Termination of Employment

This is a termination of employment letter written to inform you that the management of Masson Security Services will be terminating your services at this company with immediate effect.

The management is most unhappy with your conduct at work and poor work ethics. Although you have been orientated when you first joined the company, you have not complied with the following company work rules and policies:

1)      Late for work according to the time sheets.

2)      Missing during work hours with no accountability of whereabouts.

3)      Incomplete work with poor responsibility.

4)      Insubordination to your superior.

5)     Unnecessary tiffs with your colleagues

You have been given fair warnings in the past to improve your behavior. However, it seems you paid no heed to everything being said to you by your superiors. As mentioned in the employment contract, we have the right to terminate it as and when it deems fit for us. The management is exercising its privilege to terminate your employment based on the above non-compliance listed against you.

You are required to sign the papers attached with this letter to make the process hassle-free and fast. You shall be paid for the amount of work you have done after clarifying it with your superior. Kindly remove all your personal belongings before you leave the company premises immediately.

Human Resource

Masson Security Services

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