Termination Announcement Letter


The hardest job as a business manager is to terminate an employee for various reasons. After terminating the employee, the next tough job is to inform all the other employees that this particular employee is no more going to be a part of our organization and also give a valid reason for doing the same.

Giving a compelling reason is necessary because you would not want the employees to gossip or talk about you or the ex-employee in any circumstances. Thus, it is important that you word your message correctly and appropriately. You have to make sure that you have informed each staff member that you have terminated a particular person. None of them shall feel left out or not informed about the termination of the individual. While doing so, you would also require mentioning the persons who are going to take over the job of the terminated employee.

While terminating the employee, you need to wish them luck in their future endeavors in life ahead and thank them for the work they have done till date for the company. An e.g. for a sample letter is given below.




The Business Manager,

Mystic Enterprises,

Four Bungalows,

Andheri, Mumbai.



Rahul Kamath,

Marketing Executive,

Mystic Enterprises,

Four Bungalows,

Andheri, Mumbai.

Subject: Termination Announcement Letter.

Dear Rahul,

This letter is to announce and inform you that your employment with Mystic Enterprises as a marketing executive has been terminated, effective from DD/MM/YYYY.  This decision has been taken by the head of the marketing department and the vice chairperson of the company.

We have come to this decision after analyzing your work for the last one month. Even after repeated disciplinary warnings and terms, you haven’t lived up to what is expected out of you for this job. Regular absenteeism, low working standards and irregularity of work have compelled us to terminate your employment and hire another person for your position.

With this, we would like you to empty your desk and return all the belongings of the company to the administration department by DD/MM/YYYY. This shall include your cabin and drawer keys, the laptop and other such possessions.

With this termination announcement letter, we would like you to look for another job for yourself. For any further details regarding your termination, Mr. Harry Linkin will guide you. Along with this letter is a termination agreement letter which you need to sign and again submit it to the administration department by DD/MM/YYYY.

Mystic Enterprises are wishing you all the best for your future endeavors.

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,

Yash Singh.

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