Termination Acceptance Letter


A termination acceptance letter is written to a company with which some contract or deal with your company has been closed by the forward party and a termination letter about the same has been sent to your company. The letter from top to bottom should be in a formal format and should not express any kind of unprofessionalism from your side and thus the tone of the letter should not be rude.

Instead, the content of the letter should illustrate that you understand their reason for ending the deal/contract. Since the letter is addressed from one company/organization to another, personal experiences and views should not be stated and professional protocols should be obeyed at all times.

The content of the letter should include your appreciation towards the receiver for choosing your organization as a part of the deal. The success of the contract should be indicated however trivial it may be and that it was an honor to be working with the company and their teams as well as that you look forward to doing the same in future if required. No negative comments should be spelt out or any kind of disregard from your side.




Riya Shah,
Tonic Pvt. Ltd.
Juhu, Mumbai



Jamal Malik,
104/B Ganga Housings,
Loft Hill Road,
Bandra, Mumbai.
Subject: Termination Accepted.
Respected Sir,
I, Riya Shah, am writing this letter in response to your contract termination letter which was received on DD/MM/YYYY and in order to notify you that it has been accepted.
It is quiet unfortunate that we are going to be missing on a wonderful client like you and would like to get your precious feedback over your concerns and reasons for ending this deal. I hope that you do know that the organisation that I represent has always honoured yours and thus supplied you with best of our quality services and products. My sincere apologies and regrets for not being up to your expectations due to which the deal has been closed.
As requested in your termination letter all documents such as Invoice, original papers and the final bill is attached with this letter. In case anything else is required you can always contact me on my email that is ansghjbs@gmail.com. I will be glad to do the necessitating.
Working with you and your organisation has been an honour and a great success for our company and we look forward to doing the same again in future while improving over our previous mistakes and giving you the service that you expect from our firm. It has also opened up many opportunities for our fairly new company after working with your renowned one and has also given us exposure, experience as well as it has enlightened us with greater knowledge.
Thanking you for the great opportunity that you have provided us and hope to get the same again in the future.
Thanking You,

Yours Sincerely.
Riya Shah

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