Tenant Reference Letter, Sample & Format

Tenant Reference LetterA previous landlord usually writes a tenant reference letter on behalf of the tenant with a favorable reference. This letter is usually required by future or potential landlords or real estate agencies who would want to be assured of a good tenant before considering renting any premise to the tenant.


Kyle Jones

Central Real Estate Agency

1165 Lakeside Avenue

East Street, AK 99273

May 27, 2010

To Whom It May Concern

RE: Tenant Reference for Mr. & Mrs. Marshall

This letter serves to confirm that Mr. and Mrs. Marshall were my previous tenants on 390, High Street, Los Angeles for two years from January 2008-January 2010. They were a newly married couple who worked as attorneys in their law firm around Los Angeles.

As a young couple and in the legal profession, Mr. & Mrs. Marshall enjoy an active social life while working hard. Rental has been prompt on a quarterly basis, and the rented premise is well kept with a live-in maid.

I have had the pleasure of knowing Mr. & Mrs. Marshall personally, and they are pleasant personalities. They are seeking a bigger home to cater for more social activities.

I hope that the above information is helpful.

Yours Sincerely,

Kyle Jones

Real Estate Agent

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