Tenant Recommendation Letter

Tenant Recommendation LetterIntroduction:

These days landlords require a recommendation letter from their tenants before renting their place. It is basically to reassure the landlord that it is worth giving the space on rent to them. The letter is written by a formal landlord to the current landlord to help the tenant. Tenants with positive attributes are everyone’s requirements, and thus, one with a positive feedback will find it easier to rent a place.

The letter must contain all the information about the tenant and his or her background like the relationship with neighbors, rent payments, behavior and the landlord must only put emphasis on the positive points about the tenant. This Recommendation letter one can find a place to stay for himself or herself. Make sure to use a polite and courteous tone. Also, mention in the letter that the person can contact you for further details if required on the same address and you can also enclose your email id and phone no.


Sample Letter:

Following is a sample of Tenant Recommendation Letter.



Raghav Acharya

Comfort Homes Agency

4947 Norma Lane

Monroe, LA 71201




To Whom It May Concern,


RE: Tenant Recommendation

I write this letter to confirm that Ms. Garima Saroj was my former tenant. She stayed in my apartment on West Lane for two years. She is a teacher by profession. She is a very warm person to talk to and has been cordial with all the neighbors and me. She had friendly relations with all the neighbors, hence, never did I receive any complaint against her. She kept the apartment neat and tidy as well as paid the rent on time always.

Now as she is getting offered a better job, she is leaving the city, so I write this recommendation letter. I am and would love to welcome her again if she decides to come back.

I would like to recommend Ms. Saroj as a tenant to any landlord. I  would also like to wish Ms. Saroj the best in her future endeavors. In case you have any questions, you can contact me through mail.

Yours Sincerely,

Raghav Acharya

Comfort Homes Agency

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