Tenancy Termination Letter


A Tenancy Termination letter is written by either the tenant or the landlord who informs the other of ending the tenancy contract with a particular date. The reason may or may not be given but usually, a time frame or notice is given. The letter is courteous to keep a harmonious end to the tenant cum landlord relationship.

After you lease ends, you need to decide whether you will be continuing or not. In case you do not wish to continue, then writing a tenancy termination letter is very important. The letter should be formal and you need to make certain there are no grammatical or spelling mistakes. After you leave the property, informing the landlord your new address is advisable so that in case there is anything when he needs to get in touch with you, he can contact you. Again, it is good in this letter to remind your landlord of what you expect.

Sample Letter:



Marvis C. Johnson

1599 Owagner Lane
Seattle, WA 98119





Brandon Putman

115 Hickory Heights Drive
Baltimore, MD 21234


Re: Tenancy Termination

Dear Mr. Putman

This letter is written to inform you of my intention to terminate my tenancy on my current place of stay; address as per stated in this letter. With this letter, two weeks’ notice is given to you as per our tenancy agreement. Hence, I shall be vacating the premise on Owagner Lane by DD/MM/YYYY. I shall be returning the original two sets of house keys to you on that day at 1 pm when I move out.

You are welcome to view the premise in the morning of DD/MM/YYYY, to ensure that the condition is satisfactory. I would request you to see me at the property on the last day so that you can inspect the property in my presence. Please contact me for a time suitable to you so that we can take this forward. As you are aware, and by the tenancy deposit protection provisions, you will need to return my security deposit to me within ten days, however, if you can return this to me anytime sooner it would be greatly appreciated.

It has been my pleasure to have you as my landlord during the last two years of tenancy at your premise.

Thanking You,

Respectfully Yours,

Marvis C. Johnson.

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