Tenancy Contract Cancellation Letter


A Tenancy Termination or Tenancy Cancellation letter is written by either the tenant or the landlord who informs the other of stopping the tenancy contract with a particular date. The reason may or may not be given but usually, a time frame or notice is given. The letter is courteous to keep a harmonious end to the tenant cum landlord relationship. Since it is better to have a written record of the same, writing a letter like this is the best idea.

Be sure of not using any harsh words while writing the same. If you have no idea about how to write a letter like this, then it is better to seek the help from someone else who knows well to write a letter like this than making it a flop. Also, try to use simple language which can be understood by the recipient so that there won’t be any further confusions or misunderstandings in the further future.

Sample Letter



Eric Abraham

Sharon Shelter,

Opposite Bus Stand,

East Tambaram,



Date: 12th April 2017.



Mathews Adarsh,

Shamsudeen Manzil,

Velacherry Road,

East Tambaram,



Subject: Tenancy Cancellation Letter.


Dear Mr. Adarsh,

I am writing to give you one month’s written notice to vacate the property which I currently rent from yourself. Please accept this written notice in accordance with the tenancy agreement as my intention to vacate the property on or before 30th April.
I will be cleaning the property to make sure to leave it in a good condition. Please send me any specific move out cleaning instructions if you have any. I will remove my personal belongings and turn in my keys on or before 30th April.

I would like to meet you at the property on the last day I am in possession of the keys, so that you have the opportunity to inspect the property in my company so that the final condition of the property can be agreed. Please could you contact me to confirm an appropriate time of day? You can contact me either in my mobile number 9876543213 or in my email ID ericabraham@gmail.com.
As you are aware, and in accordance to the tenancy deposit protection provisions, you will need to return my security deposit to me within 10 days, however, if you are able to return this to me anytime sooner it would be greatly appreciated.

I look forward to hearing from you very soon regarding these matters.

Thanking You,

Yours Truly,

Eric Abraham

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