Teacher Reference letter


A teacher reference letter is written by a higher authority such as the principal or chancellor for the teacher who may require a reference letter to pursue further studies or formal training to enhance his academic qualification or work experience respectively. A higher authority reference will give a consideration on the teacher’s application.

To write a recommendation letter for a teacher, any person for that matter, you must know them very well, about their personal details and qualifications which would help you write a better reference letter. Their qualities must be mentioned in the letter, also their skills, if any must be mentioned, which will help them to have the best career in their future. Your contact number must also be mentioned before concluding the letter so that they could call you for any doubts or clarifications. In case you are not confident enough to write a letter like this, then you can refer to the sample letter that is given below to write a perfect reference letter for a teacher.

Sample Letter


Jamal B. Ellis,


Westin High School,

4225 Vesta Drive,

Chicago, IL 60623

March 28, 2010


Admissions Office,

The university of California,

2991 Heritage Road,

Fresno, CA 93721

Dear Sir / Madam,

Re: Reference for Ms. Wilma Eliza

Hope this letter reaches to you at the best of your health.

This letter serves to be a reference letter for Ms. Wilma Eliza who is a Senior Teacher at Westin High School since 2003. She graduated with a diploma in teaching from the prestigious California Vocational College before entering employment with Westin High.

Starting as a trainee teacher, Ms. Eliza’s dedication and excellent work performance have caused her to be quickly promoted to her current position of Senior Teacher at Westin High. However, Ms. Eliza feels that she can be better equipped with a higher academic qualification to serve her students and Westin High better. Since she was working under me, I am quite sure that she will work hard for achieving her goal. You can take my words for that.

Hence, I am recommending Ms. Eliza to enter your prestigious Teaching program that will earn her the favored degree in Teaching and Counseling on a part-time basis.

Please feel free to contact me for further information on Ms. Wilma Eliza if necessary at ********** or my email address jamalprinci@gmail.com. I hope to hear favorably from your office soon on Ms. Eliza’s further studies admission.

Thanking you.

Yours sincerely

Jamal B. Ellis


Westin High School

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