Teacher of the Year Nomination letter

Teacher of the Year Nomination letterIntroduction


A Teacher of the Year Nomination letter can be written by a teacher or student to nominate a colleague or teacher for the ‘Teacher of the Year’ award in a learning institution. The letter of nomination can be written formally, stating the reasons for the nomination. The reasons should be impressive to warrant serious consideration for the said award.

This is a highly prestigious award and, therefore the letter should be as detailed as possible.The basic idea is to nominate a teacher who is worthy of being a role model for not just the students but also other teachers as well. This nominee should motivate others to do better than their previous selves and contribute to not only individual growth but societal growth as a whole as well.
Do explicitly mention what the teacher has done for the school as well, how she or he has gone out of their routine work to contribute to the school, students, and other teacher’s welfare.



Karen Johnson

Fifth Grade Teacher

San Diego Public School

January 28, 2011



San Diego Public School

Dear Principal

Re: Teacher of the Year nomination

It is that time of the year for San Diego Public School to nominate one of its staffs for the covetous ‘Teacher-of-the-Year’ award. While there are some candidates, who are worthy of this title I understand there can be only one nomination from each. Making this decision was extremely hard given the exceptional faculty our school has.

I am pleased to put in my nomination for Mr. Alex Bunker, a Fifth Grade teacher at San Diego Public School. Although Mr. Bunker has only been with San Diego Public for three semesters, he has impacted his students tremendously and for the better. He was assigned an unruly class when he first joined San Diego Public, and within two semesters, he has turned his unruly class to be the best performing class of the year 2010. Any student can see how much he loves his subject. This has an impact on the kids as well. It makes them think beyond textbooks. It piques their reasoning and analytics. This is imperative for the child’s holistic development which I feel Mr. Bunker does justice to.

As such, I feel strongly that Mr. Bunker should be awarded San Diego Public’s ‘Teacher-of-the-Year’ award this year. Not only do our students respect Mr. Bunker, but his colleagues also hold him in high esteem for the excellent testimony he has produced with his class. Furthermore, in his short time here he has helped organize the school’s first ever Model United Nations. He has contributed beyond academics.

I hope that you will consider my nomination for Mr. Bunker favorably.


Thank you.

Yours sincerely

Karen Johnson

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