Teacher of the Year Nomination letter, Sample & Format

Teacher of the Year Nomination letterA Teacher of the Year Nomination letter can be written by a teacher or student to nominate a fellow colleague or teacher for the ‘Teacher of the Year’ award in a learning institution. The letter of nomination can be written formally, stating the reasons for the nomination. The reasons should be impressive to warrant a serious consideration for the said award.


Karen Johnson

Fifth Grade Teacher

San Diego Public School

January 28, 2011



San Diego Public School

Dear Principal

Re: Teacher of the Year nomination

It is that time of the year for San Diego Public School to nominate one of its staffs for the covetous ‘Teacher-of-the-Year’ award.

I am pleased to put in my nomination for Mr. Alex Bunker, a Fifth Grade teacher at San Diego Public School. Although Mr. Bunker has only been with San Diego Public for 3 semesters, he has definitely impacted his students tremendously and for the better. He was assigned an unruly class when he first joined San Diego Public, and within 2 semesters, he has turned his unruly class to be the best performing class of the year 2010.

As such, I feel strongly that Mr. Bunker should be awarded San Diego Public’s ‘Teacher-of-the-Year’ award this year. Not only do our students respect Mr. Bunker, his colleagues hold him in high esteem for the wonderful testimony he has produced with his class.

I hope that you will consider my nomination for Mr. Bunker favorably.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely

Karen Johnson

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