Teacher Introduction Letter To Parents


Teachers play an important role in the lives of student and their overall development. Their impact and importance in developing the skills, the mindset is second only to the parents of the students. They influence the student’s worldview, ability to perceive the things around them and the impact that they can have a lasting impression on the minds of their pupils. Given the importance of a student’s development, it is necessary that the teacher and the parents maintain a level of contact with each other, helping each other understand the progress of the child and what steps need to be taken to improve the environment around them.

A Teacher writes an Introduction Letter when she takes over the student as the new teacher and the primary aim of such a letter to introduce herself to the parents. Such a letter brushes over the experience that the teacher possesses and the goal that she wishes to accomplish with respect to her students. This letter must be formal in nature with emphasis on the student’s development. Care must be taken to avoid errors of any kind, be it factual or grammatical.

Sample Letter

The following is a sample of a Teacher Introduction Letter to Parents.



Mr. Eric Leibnitz

6435, 34th Street



Date: 31st June 2016



Helena Muller

JHI High School


Subject: Introduction Letter

Dear Sir,

I would like to formally introduce myself as the new class teacher of your ward Thomas, and I will be teaching Physics to his class with the commencement of the new academic year.

I have had a cumulative eight years of experience when it comes to teaching physics at the high school level, having graduated with a degree in Physics and Education at the ABC University. I have always had a zeal when it comes to the subject given the impact it has on our world and helps us better understand the things around us. With the current generation embroiled in a cacophony of gadgets, we often see that their enthusiasm towards learning and inquisitiveness suffer as a direct result. My primary goal towards teaching above all is to induce that same level of curiosity and hunger for knowledge in my students, as I believe it is incredibly beneficial to them in the long run. Physics is a simple subject if one can traverse through the seemingly numbing barrage of formulae and laws, and this simplicity is what I aim that the students can discover with the aid of my teaching. I firmly believe that if I am to accomplish this, I require the help of the parents to provide me with constant feedback about their child’s development and progress and any other areas that you would like me to focus.

I hope that together we can help your child inch closer to fulfilling his/her potential.

Yours Sincerely,

Helena Muller.


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