Tax Letter

Tax Letter



A tax letter can come in many forms. A simple tax letter could be addressing a simple donation that an individual or company has done which could be tax exempt. It is usually written by the recipient of the donation to allow the donor to apply for a tax relief. Tax relief is said to be the reduction in a part of the income tax that is usually applicable to the earned income, in this case, of the donor.

The donor does not want to be involved in any legal hassle and hence takes precautionary methods to make sure that everything is fine and there is no problem. Since this letter can be used for official purposes, as it involves taxes, it should be written in a formal manner. The donor must attach their contact details along with the letter so that it is easier for the recipient to contact them if necessary.


Sample Letter

The following is a sample of a tax letter


Billy Manson


Bethel House

2135 Peck Street
Durham, NH 03824



Mary Johnson

BrainChild Computers

4296 Grove Avenue
Clinton, OK 73601

Dear Ms. Johnson,

Subject: Letter for Tax Relief

Bethel House would like to thank you and BrainChild Computers for your kind donation of 5 Pentium G3258 3.2 Ghz computer systems that come with monitors, mice, keyboards, Windows 7 and printers. This generous donation enables the orphans to conduct independent learning with the accompanying manuals and software. This will truly help the orphans to become independent and think of a brighter future.

Bethel House is a 906(e) (4) tax-exempt nonprofit organization; your kind donation is eligible for an IRS tax credit. The tax-exempt number for Bethel House is 394-2337-0617 NP. Please quote this reference number for your tax relief application. Please make sure that you apply for the tax relief immediately after receiving this letter and ensure that you have all the other documents ready. We would also like to tell you that you must ensure to mention our name at the income tax department so that they take the matter into their hands immediately and help you get your tax relief.

We wish that your company continues to be successful for the kind donation you have made to Bethel House and we hope that you continue to associate with us and help us out in our future ventures.

I am attaching my contact details along with this letter including my personal phone number and email address. Please feel free to call me if you have further questions on this tax relief information and please do not hesitate. I will always be available to help you out. Hoping to hear from you soon.

Thanking You

Yours truly,

Billy Manson


Bethel House

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