Tax Deductible Donation Letter


A donation letter is written to any nonprofit organizations that are willing to give in a certain amount to few organizations that do social services for the country and the world Sponsors provide financial aid to organize events related to social issues or help in the upliftment of such organizations.

Tax Deductible Donation Letters are written to the companies who would like to raise some funds. The letter should be written with a positive note to get funds from them. This letter is written to social service clubs or institutes to get money for the poor people of the country. The money collected from these firms help in buying the necessities for the poor that they are unable to.

The letter shall be written politely, and all the details for donations shall be given to get a positive response from the firms. The letter shall not be lengthy but should be short and sweet. Given below is the example of a Tax Deductible Donation Letter which you can use while writing your letter.




Shawn Miller,


Rockhill Street,







Mr. Richard Foley,

Skulls Pvt. Ltd.

Pine street,




Respected Sir,

I am Shawn Miller, writing to you on behalf of Lifeline organization. Our organization raises funds for the poor which they use to buy them basic necessities that they cannot afford. We help the poor so that they lead a better life than what they are living now. Thus, I am writing this letter to you to request you to make some donation so we could use it to help the poor of our country. I would like to mention one thing taht the donations you make will be tax deductible.

Giving donations for the needy can be a blessing for them and can solve a lot of problems. You donation wil be utilized in providing education to the children of the poor as well. Educating the youth will only bring prosperity to the country and its growth at large. I would appreciate if you take part in this initiative and help the poor in easing their lives.

Thanking You,

Yours Truly,

Shawn Miller.

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