Tax Assessment Appeal Letter

Tax assessment appeal letter is written by a person when he or she has to appeal unjustified taxes levied against their property. In the letter, you have to give the details of the property for the calculation of the price of the property. Sometimes the property is overpriced so by making an appeal to the real estate authorities we can hope to get the correct price.

As it is a formal letter keep the tone of the letter formal and concise. Make sure there are no grammatical errors or spelling mistakes in the letter.  The letter needs to be crisp with all the details. It has to be addressed to the real estate assessment authority. You can mention in the letter that you have done proper research and thus make this request to reduce the tax as per the size and location of the house.



Priti Birgi




Tax review board

New Delhi

Respected sir,

I am writing this letter for proper assessment of my property tax. It has been wrongly assessed and thus am forced to write this letter. There are plenty of reasons due to which I feel I am being overcharged. I am mentioning the following reasons to prove my problem-

I have two gardens and not three as stated in my papers. My house is not located on the Main Street of Connaught Place but inside the nearby lane.  Both these points reduce the value of my home by Rs 40,000.

I am an honest and simple individual and have always paid all my taxes on time. Being from a middle-class background, I have to work round the clock to pay my taxes. All these extra additions to my tax amount are costing me a lot and adding to my troubles.  I request you to kindly assess my problem as soon as possible and do everything possible to solve my problem.

Please feel free to contact me for any detail that is required. I am mentioning my address, telephone number, and email id. You can reach out to me anywhere and also if you want to meet me personally to discuss the problem, I am available anytime.

I am hoping that my dues will be corrected and I will not be forced to take further action.

Thanking you

yours sincerely

Priti Birgi



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