Take Care Letter


A Take care Letter is an easy way to show your concern and love towards the people whom you love. When times become tough a letter concerning the care and well-being of that person can be a great armor to mold the bitter situation of life. There can be many reasons for writing a take care letter- it might be written to support your friend who has lost his loved ones, to ask for the well-being of your loved ones, to boost the morale of a person who has lost his job, to show an array  of hope to your friend who failed in exam, etc.

A Take care letter is always embedded with the feeling of care, support, and hope. It is a perfect way to let someone believe that even when the world is against your loved one you will always stand by his side. While writing a take care letter you should always try to add your emotions into the letter so that the other person feels connected to you immediately after reading the letter.




Kashish Hassan

3117 George Street

Ocala, FL 34471


Date: 4th June 2010.



Neha Gupta

West Okhla

Scranton, PA 18503


Subject: Take Care Letter


Dear Ms. Neha Gupta

I hope this letter finds you well. It has been days we have not met which made me a bit worried about you. Yesterday I even called you but nobody answered which further made me dogmatic regarding you. We have climbed twenty successful ladders of our friendship and now I can tell how you feel even before you say.

The recent uneasiness I felt for you has never been there before. I even called your mother and she told me that you are a bit tensed because you lost your job. Dear friend I can understand your agony and depression but life is full of ups and downs. What destiny has already planned for us can’t be overruled by us. You are a man of wit and charm full of excellence. Nobody can ever stop you from succeeding in life. You have just lost a job which will be replaced by hundred better job options in future.

I urge you to believe in yourself and move ahead in life. Don’t stop with the forceful wind of trouble that tries to suppress you rather try to make new ways against it. Just remember to focus on your achievements and not your failures. Do call me soon as my heart ponders for you. Come out of the drudgery. Don’t let the failures change you.

Yours Lovingly

Kashish Hassan.


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