Sympathy Thank You Letter


A Sympathy Thank You Letter is written to express your gratitude and thankfulness to people who have been there with you in a difficult time of mourning. When you experience the decease of a person close to you the support and comfort of your loved ones help in decreasing the pain of your heart. Death is the reality of life and everyone has to go through this pain one or the other day. At such difficult time, the support of your loved ones is invaluable.

The state of mind when our loved one departs from us is absolutely hammered and at such time the people around you help you to heal from the pain. It aids you in coming out of the agony and discomfort. The people who take care of you in such a difficult situation must be thanked for their willingness to be there with you in your painful state.




Betty Scrooge

3117 George Street

Ocala, FL 34471


Date: 4th June 2010.



Richard Pears

1885 Sommerville Road

Scranton, PA 18503


Subject: Sympathy Thank You Letter


Dear Mr. Pears,

Thank You for your sympathy and kindness when my world collapsed. The generosity and support of a good friend like you helped me in recovering from my husband’s death.  It was a time when  I thought that the burial of my happiness has finally clinched my ways. Everyone was against me trying to state me cursed and unlucky for the death of my husband. If you would not have been there with me in such a dogmatic condition I would have never been able to live a normal life again.

Your loving support after my world summoned helped me recover from my drudgery totally. I express my heartfelt thanks for the sympathy you have extended toward our family during this time of loss. I am not very strong emotionally and thus it becomes extremely difficult for me to control my emotions. I know I have troubled you a lot during that tough situation by asking you to go away but bad times make you realize the worth of good people and the same happened with me in this wistful situation.

Your presence and willingness to help with anything needed were a great comfort. I would also like to thank you for your support and kindness. It really means a lot to have a friend like you who is always ready to be there in both sorrow and pain.

Thank You once again for being a great friend.

Yours Sincerely

Betty Scrooge.


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