Sympathy Letter For Illness


When you are ill, there is not much you can do other than maybe eat healthy and get sufficient rest. It is the time of not just physical strain, but also that of mental stress. Receiving a sympathy letter at such a time will definitely cheer you up. As the name suggests, a comfort letter for illness is written to express the writer’s sympathy toward the sick person and enquire after his/her illness. Such sympathy letters can also act as get well soon cards and are often send along with flowers, just like get well soon cards.

The style or level of formality in such a letter varies depending upon the relationship shared by the sender and the receiver. The sender expresses his/her sympathy as well as hope that the sick person will get better in both the cases. However, in an informal letter, the sender may also suggest a doctor or other tips to the receiver. He/she might also offer help to the sender. This letter demonstrates the extent of your compassion towards your fellow beings.

Sample Letters


Chris Powell

43, Raven Street

New York


Date: 15 August 2016



Emma Carania

34, Rose Street

New York


Subject: Your illness


Dear Ms.Carania,

I came to know of your illness today. You have always been on the healthy side and it, surprised me. I feel so very sorry for you. I am aware that you must be feeling very weak now. Do not torture yourself with unnecessary thoughts. You will get well soon and then all this will seem like a distant nightmare.

I personally believe this is a warning for you to stop pushing yourself so much at work. You really needed some time away from all the stress and responsibilities. Think of this as time set aside to take care of yourself. Eat healthy, exercise and get sufficient rest. Do what your doctor says to and take your medicines regularly. Do not worry unnecessarily about things.

Do not worry about how things here at work are. Everything here is under control. I will take care of all your work until you return, well-rested. In case of any queries, I will ask the others here or else consult you if absolutely necessary. Also, let me tell you this – do not hesitate to ask me for any help you need. I shall see it it that whatever you need is attended to. Lastly, take care of yourself and do get well soon. I will come visit you as soon as I can.

Yours Sincerely,

Chris Powell

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