Sympathy Letter For Accident

A sympathy letter for an accident is written when a friend or a relative has met with an accident and is in the hospital or at home but is advised rest for a long time. In such a painful time, receiving a sympathy letter from a close loved ones helps a lot. It makes them feel wanted, loved and that there are people who care about them just like their family does.
A sympathy letter does a very good job in mentally healing the person to quite some extent with the feeling of fondness, love, and care that has been put into the letter by the sender. This letter should be written genuinely consisting of positive words and must have a happy tone. It should express how much you care and love the person and also should motivate them bringing a smile on their face. It should be a casual letter and can include even small details as the sender might like. Tell them whether you’ll be able to visit them or not and wish them a speedy recovery.

Tips to Write a Sympathy letter for Accident:

  • Don’t directly start by consoling
  • Keep the starting paragraph normal as in an informal letter
  • Use a happy tone and make use of positive & polite language
  • Use words of motivation and wish them a speedy recovery

Sample Letter

14 Guru Niwas
Khar West


13-Ganga Apartments,

Shalimar Chowk,

Andheri West,


Dear Sameer,

How are you doing now? Heard you had a bike accident recently and have a fractured leg. The fact that the biker was speeding in spite of the red light makes me sad indeed. I hope you’re feeling better now.
Don’t worry so much, it will take just about a month and a half, and you’ll be up and running again. Rita aunty told me that you’re afraid to walk now. Come on, don’t be so scared. Start off by walking slowly initially. This is the key to a speedy recovery. Your body needs to have the habit of walking regularly and only then you’ll get the hang of it. Remember my cycle incident when we were 6. Fortunately, I used to be active enough then and apparently as a kid you recover faster, but the thing is you have to keep trying, and there’s no point in taking a long break. So, start today, and you’ll see results gradually.
Sorry can’t be there as my course here will last for another 35 days. Wishing you a speedy recovery. See you soon, take care.

Yours truly,

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