Swimming Certificate

A Swimming Certificate is a kind of sports certificate which is written by a person holding a higher position in a swimming organization or institution.

The certificate is received by a student of the same organization or institution for his or her recognizable skills and abilities in swimming. This is a very important document for every swimmer who wishes to make an excelling career in this field of sport.

The certificate should be written in a very professional manner. It should be segmented into three fine paragraphs. The Introductory paragraph should mention the name of the student. Details such as the swimming speed of the student, kinds of strokes that he or she can perform in the water, his or her swimming skills and techniques, etc., are important and should be mentioned correctly in the central paragraph. The third paragraph should congratulate the receiver for his or her performance.

The following is a sample of Swimming Certificate.

Swimming Certificate Sample

To whomsoever it may concern

This certificate is, hereby, given to Ms. Kenneth J. Ellenberg by Fitso Swimming and Horse Riding Academy, Perth, Australia on October 6, 2017, for displaying her excellent skills in swimming.

Ms. Kenneth J. Ellenberg, aged 21, has been among one of the best students of the academy. Under the guidance of Swimming Coach as well as Life Guard, Jordan Vogel, she has efficiently improved her skills of moving in the water. She is good at performing freestyle as well as butterfly swimming strokes. It is a pleasure to announce that this year she has participated and secured first position in 200 meters and 400 meters freestyle stroke swimming races. She has also attained first position in 400 meters and second position in 800 meters butterfly stroke swimming races. Ms. Ellenberg has been a student of Fitso Swimming and Horse Riding Academy since four years. We have been astonished to see her mastery in different swimming techniques. She possesses all the requisite qualities of being an ideal swimmer.

This certificate is being awarded to Ms. Kenneth J. Ellenberg in recognition of her brilliant swimming techniques as well as her achievement in this category of sport. It is believed that this recognition shall enthusiast her determination and enable her to become a fine swimmer in the future.

Kindly note that all the particulars mentioned above are true and correct. This certificate is strictly non-transferable and under no circumstances shall it be used by a third person or organization.

Thanking you.

John Scull,

Assistant Vice president,

Fitso Swimming and Horse Riding Academy

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