Summer Job Application Letter


Summer job application letter is usually written by college or university going students either to get extra work or to earn some cash in summer. The main reason for writing this letter is to utilise one’s knowledge in summer and to gain something more by the extra efforts put in the work. It is better to do something in summer than to sit idly. Companies provide flexible working hours to the students and it is good to get an experience without much effort and wastage of time as the summer job will also increase the value of resume.

While writing the summer job application letter one should look for the vacancies of the companies and should be clear about the reason for the job. Writing one’s good quality is good to some extent but exalting oneself may lead to the disapproval of the application letter so the letter must be to the point and it should not be too lengthy.

Sample Letter

The following is the sample letter of Summer Job Application Letter.



Hostel No.-9,

BIT Mesra, Ranchi,




Mr. Arun Chopra,

Human Resource Manager,Cognizant,

Lake Road,Kolkata,

West Bengal.

Subject: Regarding summer job.

Dear Sir,

As a student of BIT Mesra, I am looking for summer employment. While surfing the net, I found a job vacancy in your company for the post of the financial broker.

I am an MBA student with finance as my specialisation at BIT Mesra. As we have summer vacation for two months (from May 5, 2017, till July 4, 2017), I thought to utilize my knowledge and gain something more in those 60 days.

Being a novice with no personal experience, this summer I am looking for the best platform where I can perform and showcase myself, and I believe your platform will help me to achieve my goals and do best in my career. I am very much interested in this job and will give you my best. It is not good to exalt oneself’s speciality, the good things in me and my skills can be seen in my work during the working period.

Along with this job application letter, I am attaching my resume, and I request you to consider my application. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Thanking you.


Anjani Raman,

Hostel No.-9, BIT Mesra,


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