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A letter of suggestion is a sweet gesture initiated by one to give advice to the other about a particular field or decision. Such matters require heavy contemplation, and hence the letter should be detailed to help the receiver with any apprehensions he or she may have regarding that particular topic. Such letters should maintain a degree of congeniality so that the person reading it can be at their comfortable best. This way you will be able to help the reader with any qualms they may have.

Anyone in any arena can write a Suggestion letter for suggesting an improvement to the current situation. The suggestion letter offers an idea that is presented to a higher authority to deliberate on in its contents. The letter can outline the current situation with the suggested improvement with plausible reasons for implementing the suggestion. Make sure you praise the person for having considering such a bold decision. Include words of wisdom- but also some motivational messages so that the reader receives some strength to deal with whatever it is that they are considering.




Jodi W. Tolley

1376 Stout Street
Lancaster, PA 17602

March 21, 2010


Mayor of Lancaster

3974 Washington Street
Lancaster, PA 93902

Honourable Sir

Re: Suggestion on Park Safety

My name is Jodi Tolley, and I reside in A-33, Espace. I am a resident of Lancaster Lane and have been living here for the last 15 years. The Lancaster Park is one of the most well maintained residential parks in the city, and I feel lucky to be able to boast about staying 5 minutes away from our beautiful Lancaster Park on Holms Street.

However, over the past month, I have been unfortunate enough to notice that there are no street lights along the smaller lanes in the park. While there is good lighting at the main street inside the park, we can not ignore how the entirety of the park isn’t well lit.

This is a major concern for safety for not only the kids and elderly but for all those who reside in the area. After dark, it ‘s hard to note people walking at the smaller lanes due to the unavailability of street lights. A couple of minor accidents such as falling over an object have happened in the park. Last week, Mrs. Tully slipped over a pebble that she didn’t notice due to the lack of lighting.

May I suggest that the city council look into installing lights along the smaller lanes to allow better visibility in the park? This park is very popular with the residents, and a brighter lit park will encourage more to use it optimally. I am sure we can also get solar lights installed to conserve energy.

Thank you for hearing me out on my suggestions.

Yours sincerely,

Jodi Tolley

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