Student Scholarship Letter


A student scholarship letter is written by an institution who offers to give scholarship to a student. There can be various reasons for the scholarship to be given. The scholarship could be given because of academic excellence or because of good result on a competitive exam held for the scholarship. A scholarship covers a part of the fees or the complete fee in some cases. It will cover the percentile of the fee to be paid according to the excellence of the student. A person who gets scholarship is considered to be an academically brilliant student. It is not easy to win a scholarship.

It is a very special letter for the student receiving, and so this letter should be error free and written in the most polite manner. It should mention the requirements for joining the institution and the last day to enroll. All other necessary details should be written in this letter. Remember to send this letter a little before time to give more time to the student to get everything in order. This letter should follow a formal format and the format must be correct.

Sample Letter:

The sample letter for student scholarship is given below:


Miles Low Jones

University of Economics,


35 Lakeview Way Road



Shaila Stuart Mathew

41 Adamsville Mall Road
Laredo, TX 78040

Dear Shaila,

Re: Scholarship Letter

This letter is written to inform you that you have received 70% fee scholarship from University of Economics, London. You are chosen for the next academic session in our institution which starts from October the 3rd , 2017. You can choose the course according to your preference and submit our request with us before 10th of September, 2017.

I believe you are one of the few students who truly deserve to be a part of our institution. You can enroll in as many courses you like. Your scholarship will be renewed every academic year only if you are able to make it to the top 10% students in the institution. In case you do not make it to the top 10 percentile, your scholarship for that academic year will be annulled.

I hope you take this letter into account and apply for your preferred course as soon as possible so that we can admit you to the course of your choice. We will be looking forward to having you here.

Thanking you,

Miles Low Jones


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