Student Reference letter


A Student Reference letter is usually written by a higher authority in the academia on behalf of a student who requires some kind references for work or further studies.  This letter could be written by a principal, lecturer, professor or a teacher who writes highly of the student because of the good relationship between them.

At many stages of their education, high school and college students require reference letters. At this level, a recommendation can really make the difference as to whether a student is accepted to their graduate school of choice, given the opportunity to volunteer for a non-profit organization, or lands a coveted job interview.While an essay and transcript provide a lot of information, application materials may not give a full sense of a student’s personality, drive, reliability, and academic skills.Reference letters from teachers and guidance counselors offer this necessary insight and information about a student’s character.

Sample Letters:


Professor Ma Junchen

Dean of Publish Design.

China Central Academy of Fine Arts


Tel: 0086-10-80410811



Date: 8th October 2007



The Principal,

Institute of Design and Arts,



Re: Student Reference


Dear Sir/Madam,

As the Dean of Publish Design at China Central Academy of Fine Arts Beijing, I am writing with great pleasure to recommend Ms. Shi Lu to the application of Master Program in your distinguished department.

Ms. Shi took my class of Operations research during 2005 to 2007. This was an advanced level undergraduate course that was designed for those who exhibit exceptionally good performances in both applied Publish Design and Communications design in the previous years.

Ms. Shi was one of the best student I had in these classes. I was impressed by her affluences in design skills to demonstrate answers in strong logical and precise manners. Ms. Shi usually approached the solution in innovative ways by consulting recent publications and journals. Her clear understandings to the complication of modern design theories tidiness to accounting projects made her achieve a good mark during final exam. It is also worth mention the level of confidence and diligences that Ms. Shi demonstrated in my classes were extraordinary. Her presentations in the classes were always well prepared and well spoken. For discussions in the seminars, she participated.

I believe her strong academic performances in the transcript are, self-explanatory, however, what impressed me much were her extracurricular activities, when Ms. Shi was the acting officer in Public Relations for the school, she had helped us with numerous tasks, including budgets, schedules and contracts. Her meticulous manner and efficiencies in problem solving were outstanding even in the standard of the professionals. The Department Board and I highly praised her to the Graduate School for many times throughout the events. Moreover, her athletic contributions to our department were also impressive. With her personal effort, she had our department honoured for a Gold and a Bronze Medal in the University sports competition. However, I respect her decision to pursue her Master’s degree in Germany and I have strong confidence that she will equally succeed.

At the end, I would like to summarize Ms. Shi Lu as a promising student that is confident and intelligent. I believe her ability to carry out independent researches and projects are among the best in her ages. With your most distinguished program, I believe she will further advance her understandings in the field and gain more valuable experiences in practices. Therefore, I strongly recommend her for admission, without reservation, and would appreciate your most favourable considerations to her application.


Thanking You,

Yours Sincerely,

Professor Ma Junchen

Dean of Publish Design

China Central Academy of Fine Arts


Tel: 0086-10-80410811




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