Student Appeal Letter


An appeal letter is usually written when a student wants to appeal the college for any incident he wants justice for. There are a lot of things happening in a college or institution and a lot of times there are various misunderstandings and unfair happenings where students require the authorities to be fair and make decisions. The person writing the letter can also be the one who made a mistake and wants to apologize for it. The letter should be written in such a way that it can convince the concerned authorities so that they can make concessions while executing justice.

The letter should be written in the correct format and should be error-free. The letter should be polite enough for the authorities to get convinced.

Sample letter:

The sample letter for student appeal is given below for your reference:


Miles Low Jones

35 Lakeview Way Road




Shaila Stuart Mathew

University of Economics and Science,


41 Adamsville Mall Road
Laredo, TX 78040

Dear Teacher Shaila,

Re: Appeal Letter

I am writing this letter regarding the fight that took place in class last week. You being our class teacher will be representing us in front of the authorities and that is why I have written this letter to you so that you can understand what really happened that day and can make a fair stand in the favor of the right. I was not a part of the fight on that day and since my friend Tom was hurt during the fight, I tried to protect him and stop the fight which is why I shouted and created a little noise. There were a lot of other guys who were doing the same thing but coincidentally it was me who was shouting at the moment you entered the classroom. I understand that I should not have yelled in class and I really want to apologize for that.

If you still think that what I did was not right you can stand against me. I still hope that you understand what I have done and the reason why I did it. I hope you will be in favor of what you think is correct.

Thanking you,

Miles Low Jones.

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