Staff Appreciation letter, Sample & Format

Staff Appreciation letterA Staff appreciation letter is usually written by the boss to his staff who has done exceedingly well in his task or responsibilities. It is a letter of recognition of the staff’s work attitude and conduct that has enhanced the business in some manner that the boss notes the staff’s good work with this appreciation letter.


Hans Anderson

Store Manager

Middleton Enterprise

Lakewood, GA 34333

January 15, 2011


Gail Arthur

Store Assistant

Middleton Enterprise

Dear Gail

RE:  Appreciation of your excellent work performance

I was very pleased with your work performance last month. Your quick thinking and foresight helped to increase the store income by 40%.

Because of your vision of the possible increase in demand during the first month of the New Year, we acted according to your advice of bringing in more stock to cater to the Lunar New Year of the Chinese Community in our area. Indeed, it proved true that the Chinese have a lot of preparations for their Lunar New Year celebrations.

You did very well in researching the needs of the community around us and were able to identify those needs accurately, which brought enormous profits to the organization. Well done! Keep up the good work!

We look forward to your continuing stellar performance to raise the bar for Middleton Enterprise.

Looking forward together,

Hans Anderson

Store Manager

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