Sponsorship Proposal Letter

Sponsorship Proposal Letter


When organizing events, there is a need for sponsors to pay for the things required, salary given to the people working to manage the event. The organizers request sponsorship from companies or individuals explaining about the event and its popularity. The sponsors also benefit by this as they get publicity through such events. Hence, the bigger the events, the more the funds needed for the arrangements and the more publicity for the sponsors. The sponsors are usually in related fields, example a marathon is usually sponsored by fitness products related companies, but this is not a hard and fast rule. The sponsorship has to be requested formally, and the best way to do it is through an official letter or an email.

A Sponsorship Proposal letter can be written by an organization or individual requesting for some sponsorship through a proposal giving details regarding the event, its participants, etc. The recipient is given the necessary information with regards to the sponsorship in the form of a proposal to consider his participation. It is a very formal letter and it usually encloses the terms and conditions and other necessary legal documents.

Sample Letter:

The following is a Sample of Sponsorship Proposal Letter.



Donald D. Goodman

Event Manager

Global Vision

3566 Maple Court
Sikeston, MO 63801



Graham Green


National Tones Enterprise

3183 Mattson Street
Salem, OR 97301

Dear Sir,

Re: Sponsorship Proposal

As per our telephone conversation, I am pleased to write in with the details of the sponsorship for the upcoming Annual Marathon Run across the country that is to be held on DD/MM/YYYY.

This is a notable event since its inception in 2007 with many participants, local as well as foreign marathon runners. Last year’s participants totaled around 4500, and we are expecting more than 5000 participants in this year’s marathon. The previous year Usain Bolt, the fastest man on earth and three-time Olympic gold medallist, had inaugurated the marathon.

As such, we are requesting your kind sponsorship of the event to make it a national success and pride. The funds will be utilized in the cleaning and demarcation of the track, installation of trackers in the runner’s shoes to track their progress and to maintain fairness, energy drink booths at regular intervals and other necessary work. Your esteemed organization’s sponsorship will be printed in our list of sponsors in our souvenir booklet as well as online pages, according to the terms and conditions.

Thank you for your kind consent to this sponsorship request.

Yours truly,

David Goodman

Event Manager

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