Sponsorship Letter


The word ‘sponsorship’ is the financial support of an activity or a specified business.

A sponsorship letter is written as a request to sponsor or donate for some kind of activity, event, cause, or charity work. Writing a sponsorship letter to a stranger and asking to sponsor for an event is really a daunting task, without proper and good reason, no one will sponsor an event. The letter should be written in a way to convince the receiver that the contribution is a worthy one. Writing good things about the receiver and telling about how their previous contribution has helped the organization will surely increase the weight of the sponsorship letter. Therefore, the sponsorship letter must be quoted with a good reason for sponsoring in a polite and a formal tone.

Sample Letter

The following is the sample letter of Sponsorship Letter.


Green Heritage India,




Mr. Aahan Charlie,


Eros International Ltd.,

Mumbai, India.

Subject: –  Membership and sponsorship letter for noble work.

Dear Mr. Charlie,

We from ‘Green Heritage India’ take the opportunity to thank you for your noble support throughout the journey of ‘Green Heritage India’. It’s your support that we have maintained our work and are India’s leading environmental organization.

The main reason for writing this letter is to inform you of our plans for the World Environment’s Day on June 5, 2017, Monday. You being one of our valuable sponsorer of ‘Green Heritage India’, we would like to invite you to the events being organized by us. The event details are as follows:-

  • Greenathon.
  • Plantation.
  • Awareness program.
  • Short cultural program.
  • Green Awards.

(The events along with their timings are mentioned in detail in the invitation card attached along with this letter.)

We request you to sponsor for this day and help us to make the event successful one. You always stand out for something good and trust me sponsoring this event will be one of the noblest work.

I wait for your further response and hope to get it in a week’s time. For further queries and questions related to this matter feel free to contact us, we will be more than happy helping you. A partner membership letter for this event has been attached along with this letter.

Thank you for considering this letter and for your support in advance. Your sponsorship and support will help us in our noble project.


Maan Thakkar,

President, Green Heritage India,


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