Sorry Letter To Sister


An apology is an expression of regret for doing something wrong or hurtful. Writing a sorry letter helps to convey or put your heart out for something wrong done by you and for which you feel extremely sorry. It is good to apologize for mistakes instead of making the relations bitter.

Writing a sorry letter to sister either elder or younger and apologizing for things which broke her heart because of your one wrong move will surely win her heart and make her smile all day. Sometimes the condition is such that the words don’t do justice to us while seeking forgiveness in persons, for that situation writing a sorry letter is a much convenient way to express feelings without getting embarrassed.

Sample Letter

The following is the sample letter of Sorry Letter To sister.



Achita Davison,

3117 George Street,

Ocala, FL 34471.



Sarah Davison,

4377 Florence Street,

Dallas, TX 75234.

Dearest Sara,

I don’t know where to start from, but I am really sorry for not standing by you during those times when you needed me the most. Your love and passion for guitar are not hidden from us. During your graduation, you wanted to join guitar class, and I remember mom and dad telling you to complete your graduation first and then to enroll your name for guitar class.

You looked at me, your puppy face and sobbing eyes bored deep into my soul as I was your ray of hope, but I denied and moved. I stood out of you and told you the same what mom and dad said only for your good. You pleaded for the first few months, and then you stopped, in the hope of something best. You waited until your graduation day. After your graduation we again denied, and we did not approve you to join guitar class. I was again standing nowhere near you. I know you were heartbroken but trust me I never intended to tear you apart.

You never spoke of joining the class again, and now you are settled in your life and doing well, but I know your love and passion for guitar is still burning inside you. After all these years I feel guilty for not standing by your side as I always thought this would distract you from your studies but today I apologize for my mistakes, you are my life, my child, trust me I never meant to pull you down.

Today I approve you to join the guitar class, to cut off some time from your busy schedule and invest those times for learning guitar. Along with this letter, I send you a guitar, though it is not an expensive one, accept it as my approval.

Hugs and kisses for you. Love you lots. I hope to meet my little guitarist soon.




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