Sorry Letter To Love


A Sorry letter is written to someone whom you have hurt. The recipient of the letter can be your friend, colleague, loved one, spouse or even your parent. This letter says that you are sorry for what you did and ask for an apology. As this letter is written to a known person, there is no need to follow a particular format, and therefore it comes under the informal type of letter.

Sorry letter to love is written when you have hurt the love of your life. There is no rule of sorry in love, but when it is a serious matter, and you have committed the mistake, it is better to write a sorry letter asking for an apology because these small things can lead to the end of your relationship. In the end, mention how much you love him or her and assure him or her that this situation will not be repeated in the future.

Sample Sorry Letter to Love:



6-f, Madhu Residency,

Anna Nagar,





2-e, Geetha Residency,

Bal Nagar,


Dear Nikhil,

How are you my darling? I know you are angry at me because of my bad behavior last time we met. I realized my mistake and that you were hurt hence I am writing this letter to apologize. I do not know why I behaved like that but I can say that my ego is not greater than you, and so I am asking for an apology. You may know the reason why I behaved like that; it is because of your relationship with your friend Harika. I am aware that she is just a friend and a colleague to you, but as I am very possessive (which I know is not correct), I couldn’t bear her closeness to you. So I yelled at you and misbehaved with you.

I am sorry for getting angry at you, but I did not like when she interfered in our matter, and you supported her. I am also sorry for sudden leave and for not returning your calls as well as messages. I am feeling very bad for my stupid behavior, but I hope you will accept my apology and call me as soon as possible. Although it has been only one week without having a conversation with you, I feel terrible. Call me soon. Until then take my hugs and kisses.

With Love


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