Sorry Letter to Girlfriend

Sorry letter to girlfriend


A Sorry Letter to Girlfriend is written to a girlfriend who has been hurt in some way by the other. Apologizing for a mistake can be difficult and to say sorry in person can be an even more inconvenient. Hence, writing an apology letter to the girlfriend shall be soothing and comforting to both the partners. The letter being an informal one, the writer can accommodate deep feelings of regret for causing the mistake or misunderstanding.

The tone of the letter should be of remorse and regret. The writer must include in the letter the genuine reasons for the wrong that has occurred to amend and restore the relationship. Expressing the real reasons for the mistake or misunderstanding shall help in creating a better understanding between the two partners. The letter should be apologetic and not defensive so that the recipient is willing to forgive. The letter should be concluded with a promise to never repeat such a mistake again.

Sorry Letter to Girlfriend – Sample

The following is a sample of a Sorry Letter to Girlfriend.


Freda R. Sanchez

2878-Scott Street,

Long Island City, NY 111011

New York



Michelle R. Rodriguez

3874-Boone Crockett Lane,

Ferndale, WA 98248,


Subject: Apology for Hurting You

Dearest Michelle,

I hope that you will read the whole of this letter. I did not have the chance to say the right things to you, and I deserve your cold shoulder. I feel so stupid! I am such a fool to hurt you! Please forgive me for my mistake.

I was blinded by jealousy when I saw you and Nick together several times last month. My suspicion grew and consumed me whenever I saw you and Nick whispering together and stopping quickly on seeing me. I was angry and suspicious. If you were me, perhaps you would have understood how I felt. But I understand that I shouldn’t have yelled those accusations at you in public. That was very mean of me to humiliate you in front of others, and you were just planning a surprise party for my next birthday! I was really at a loss for words when I found out the truth. I can’t forgive myself for hurting you. Can you forgive me, Michelle?

I would love to celebrate my birthday next week with you. I’m sorry that I spoilt your surprise for me. It was so kind of you to plan a surprise party for me, and now, I have ruined everything. I am so sorry!

Please contact me soon.

Yours lovingly,


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