Sorry letter to boyfriend, Sample & Format

A Sorry letter to boyfriend is written by the girlfriend to her boyfriend, apologizing for some action that she has committed wrongly against him. It could be a simple letter of apology where the situation is stated and the reason is expressed or it could be a deep apology for a great wrong committed.


Sara Rooney

1008 Ante Street
New York, NY 1000

January 11, 2011


Adam Freeman

100 Angler Lane
Westminster, CA 92683

Dear Adam

RE: Sorry! Sorry! Sorry!

What else can I say, my darling? I am so sorry to have hurt you like this. It was never my intention. I just got carried away with my friends and forgot my appointment with you. I am so sorry to have let you wait 3 hours for me at the movies. My friends dragged me into celebrating an old classmate’s birthday.

My cell phone battery went dead (truly!) and I got back late in the evening. It is totally my fault and it is unacceptable. Please forgive me and let me know how I can make it up to you.

I promise you that I will not let it happen again. Please call me. Give me one more chance, darling. I love you and I miss you.


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