Sorry Letter to Boyfriend

Sorry letter to boyfriend



A Sorry letter to boyfriend is a letter written by the girlfriend to her boyfriend, to apologise for the wrong action taken. It could be a simple letter of apology where the situation is stated, and the reason is expressed, or it could be a deep apology for a great wrong committed. It is an informal letter. One should be polite, humble and show proper regret towards what happened and apologize in a sincere manner.

Sometimes our actions unwillingly cause hurt to someone. Following which one must apologize and ask for forgiveness because it is the only right thing to do. Tell the receiver that you have realized your mistake and how wrong you were and that it wasn’t right. Try to tell your side of the story so that the receiver can forgive you easily. Be patient and try to express whatever you are feeling ineloquent.

Sample Letter

The following is a sample of the same.


Sara Rooney,

1008 Ante Street,

New York, NY 1000

January 11, 2011


Adam Freeman,

100 Angler Lane,

Westminster, CA 92683

Subject: Sorry! Sorry! Sorry!

Dear Adam,

What else can I say, my darling except that I am so sorry to have hurt you like this. It was never my intention. I just got carried away with my friends and forgot that I was supposed to meet you for the movie at 6. I am so sorry to have let you wait 3 hours for me at the movies due to which you also missed the show for me because I had the tickets. All of us had gotten together after such a long time and we enjoyed so much that I forgot to keep track of time. Then, my friends dragged me into celebrating an old classmate’s birthday.

To top it all, my cell phone battery went dead (truly!), as I am sure you must have tried to call me. When I got him it was already 9 in the night. I remembered our plans and I called you but you didn’t pick up. You must have seen my missed calls on your phone. It is totally my fault, and it is unacceptable that I stood you up like this. Please forgive me and let me know how I can make it up to you.

I promise you that I will not let it happen again. Please call me. Give me one more chance, darling. I love you, and I miss you.

Yours Lovingly,


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