Sorry letter to boss

Sorry letter to bossIntroduction:

It is said that ‘To err is human.’ Hence each of us commits mistakes in our life from time to time. But what is important is that we accept our mistakes, learn from them and do not repeat them. It is a brave step when you apologize for your mistake and seek forgiveness. In an office environment, some mistakes may cost a lot of havoc, and at such times an apology is much more needed than usual. You need to maintain your rapport with the boss and co-workers, where an apology letter for a mistake is considered of immense importance.

A Sorry letter to the boss is written by an employee to his boss whom he has wronged. This is a humble letter expressing remorse and requesting forgiveness over the mistake done by the employee. The letter should be simple and sincere to warrant compassion and forgiveness on the sender by the recipient. It is a formal letter and hence must be short and precise.

Sample letter:

The following is a sample of sorry letter to the boss.



Sara Rooney,


Western Consulting,

New York, NY 30292



Mr. Dan Freeman

Promotions Manager,

Western Consulting,

New York, NY 30292

Subject: Deepest Apologies

Dear Sir/ Madam,

I am writing this letter to express my sincere and deepest apologies for the error I made with regards to your appointment fixed with Mr. Steward yesterday. I realized my mistake too late and by that time you already had to go through the aftereffects of it. Since I cannot face you at the moment, I’m resorting to this letter for conveying my apologies to you.

I admit that I was in a hurry while taking his call and thus, wrote down the wrong date for your appointment. I am so sorry to have caused you much embarrassment because of this. I have written a letter personally to apologize to Mr. Steward over my carelessness.

I assure you that I will not repeat such an error. This is the first time I have made such a mistake in the seven years, I have been working with you. I will be more careful from now onwards. I request you to please forgive me and take my word for it that no such error will take place in the future.



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