Sorority Recommendation letter

Sorority Recommendation letterIntroduction:

If someone wants a person to be a part of a new club or society, a sorority recommendation letter is written. Most of the time Sororities need a letter of recommendation for any new member who wishes to join; often it is a requirement that the person writing the letter of recommendation should either be a member or alumni of that specific sorority or society the new members wishes to be a part of. If you want the new member to be a part of the sorority, then find out their complete information including their achievements and scholarship, if any, etc.

Keep the tone of the letter formal and concise. Write the letter in such a way that it creates a good image about the applicant. The information provided should be genuine.  It should include the details of the applicant like his or her grades, hobbies, course, extracurricular activities, etc.

Sample Letter:


Mansi Mathur

Senior Member

Alpha Sorority

University of california





Nancy Andrew

Sorority President

Alpha Sorority

University of California


Dear Madam President

Re: Recommendation for Membership

I write this letter to recommend ms. Vidhi Sharma in our esteemed society. Having been a respected member of the society, I feel it my duty to bring in members who would add towards the betterment of the society, so I would highly recommend Miss Sharma.

Ms. Sharma is currently a medical student at the University of California. She is the daughter of my closest friend and I have known her since she was a child. She is an avid reader and has a really good skill to deal with people she is a very friendly person. I firmly believe Miss Sharma will add stars to our society.

She is an excellent hockey player and was a part of her school dramatics society. Her popularity in school was the talk of the town. She will represent the spirit of the university of California in every sense of the word. She will prove to be an asset in organizing fests and fairs, representing the university in science experiments as she has been a very sincere student.

I hope to look forward to a positive consideration on my membership recommendation.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely

Mansi Mathur

Senior Member

Alpha Sorority

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