Solicited Application letter, Sample & Format

Solicited Application letterA Solicited application letter is written by a head hunter organization or a company itself that wishes to invite the recipient to consider employment. The company is soliciting the recipient to consider employment with itself or to another company if it is a headhunting organization. The letter should be formal, polite, precise and enticing for the recipient to consider the option.


Roberta J. Richardson

Recruitment Manager

Manpower Resources Consultants

1316 Warner Street
Miami, FL 33179

February 14, 2011


Jeremy Herrell

283 Orphan Road
Buffalo, NY 14204

Dear Sir

RE: Employment Opportunity

Your contact was passed on to Manpower Resources Consultants by Mr. Henry White, a former colleague of yours.

We at Manpower Resources Consultants thought you might be interested in considering the post of Senior Manager at an international retail company right here in Miami. The post is an upper management level position with a lot of fringe benefits such as a 5-figure monthly salary, 25 days of annual leave and a company car with free petrol, parking, and annual maintenance.

The post requires the right candidate to be responsible for the continual growth of its clientele base with more international connections. Manpower Resources Consultants believe you may be suitable for this position.

We invite you to come in for an interview to confirm your suitability.

Yours truly,

Roberta J. Richardson

Recruitment Manager

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