Solicitation Letter For Business


Solicitation in simple terms is the request for something or an act of offering. In business terms, the word ‘solicitation’ means a request for some donations for the firm. Solicitation letter for business is written either to request for a donation, to sell something or to invite tenders.  The letter is written in a way to persuade the recipient.

Solicitation letter for business is a formal letter. Therefore, the main purpose of writing the business letter should be clear, and the letter must include every detail regarding the services requested for, with the terms and conditions. The letter should mention the action expected from the recipient with the demonstration of the benefits from the action of the receiver and the letter should be in a requesting tone.

Sample Letter

The following is the sample letter of Solicitation Letter For Business.



Hit & Win Bat World,

Trump Enclave, 5th  Floor,

Park Road, No.-5,




Anurag Richard,


Cricket Board,

Lake Road, Mumbai,


Subject: Regarding launching of new product and helping in a noble cause.

Dear Mr. Richard,

Greetings from Hit & Win Bat World. We thank you for being one of our generous and consistent customers. Without your help and support our journey of fifteen (15) years was not possible. Though we faced ups and down to reach where we are now, it was only possible by your utmost faith in us and from the consistent support we received from you.

Keeping your feedback and reviews of the cricketers in mind, this year we have launched a new bat, ‘WIN 50’,  for the cricketers.The newly launched bat ‘Win 50’, is the lightest bat made till date. The combination of maple wood and pulp of banana puts in the category of the lightweight bat. The bat has been tested and then launched on  DD/MM/YYYYY. The cost of per bat is £65.

We request you to recommend the ‘Win 50’ to all the cricketers and help us to make a break sale record. The money raised after selling the bat will be used for the affected and migrated people of Syria so that they can motivate themselves to live a better life and improve their living conditions.

Your decision is the pillar of the cricket community, and this is why we ask you to recommend this bat. Help us to sell the product and be a part of the noble cause.

The detailed specifications of the bat along with the membership form for this noble cause are attached with this letter. If you still have any queries, feel free to contact us, we will be more than happy assisting you.

Thank you in advance for considering and helping in this noble cause.


Kelvin Collins,

Marketing Manager,

Hit & Win Bat World,


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