Simple Resignation Letter

Simple Resignation Letter


The resignation letter is written by an employee when he or she decides to leave the organization for no matter what reason. Make certain that this letter follows the verbal conversation regarding the resignation so that the authority has an idea about the same. Also, send the letter immediately after the conversation so that the notice period starts instantly. If you have had bad experiences in the office, do not mention it in your letter. It is wise and mature to leave the bad experiences and take home the good ones. Life is all about ups and downs.

The resignation letter should mention the required details like last day at work, contact information, etc. In case there is anything that you missed to discuss at the meeting, include it in the letter. Make sure the letter includes kind words and is short, to the point. Do not include anything that is irrelevant to the subject. The sample letter mentioned below will help you draft an effective resignation letter.


Given below is a sample of a simple resignation letter.

Patricia Morley

Sales Manager
1955 Pointe Lane

Hialeah, FL 33012


Charles Dickens
Atlantic Co.
3637 John Avenue
Jackson, MI 49201

Subject: Resignation Letter

Dear Mr. Dickens

I am writing this letter to officially notify you about my resignation from the position of Sales Manager at Atlantic Co. My last day at work would be DD/MM/YYYY. I have enjoyed each day at work with you people guiding me and making me better and better at work.

I am saddened to leave the organization but at the same time appreciate the wonderful opportunities that you have provided during my career that has made me a better person, professionally as well as personally. I am grateful to have worked with you and under your guidance.

If there is anything that you require from me during the transition, I will be happy. I have a few team members who I believe would be good candidates for my position. If you need my help with the process of finding someone to replace me, I would be happy to help you.

I would like to thank you from my heart for giving me opportunities to grow and be a part of Atlantic Co. Hope to stay in touch as colleagues and if there is anything that I can help the company with, do not hesitate to contact me. Many thanks for your understanding.

Yours Sincerely,

Patricia Morley

Online Sales Manager

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