Sick Leave Letter


Sick leave letter is written to an organization, either to school or to any working place to take a day off from work due to illness. Since it is a formal letter, the letter should be written in a professional way with a requesting tone.

A sick leave letter is written to the head of the concerned department/organization, informing of the health related issues and seeking leave for the same. If writing the sick leave letter to the Human Resource manager or head of the company, the sufferer must assure the recipient of the unhampered work in their absence.  The leave letter should be enclosed along with the prescription of the doctor as a proof since some companies need the prescriptions and reports for their further process of granting leave. However, it is not necessary to mention the every detail of the disease.

Sample Letter

The following is the sample letter of Sick Leave Letter.


Knox Overstreet,

Penthouse Apartment,

Flat No.-56,

Qatar Highway, Britain.



Ms. Gracy Clione,

Human Resource Manager,

Hungry Food Ltd.,

Northway, Britain.

Subject: – Leave for medical tests and rest.

Dear Ms. Gracy,

It is with great regret that I submit this letter of my absence, seeking leave for my unforeseen sickness.

The last Monday, after getting admitted to the hospital, doctors of Sentevita hospital has told me to go through several tests as they are not able to detect the reason of my sickness. The tests will take a long time.

I apologize for this, but there is nothing which I can do unless the tests are over and disease is identified. I assure you that there will be no work lag from my side. I’ll try my best to complete them from home once hospital team discharges me. One of my colleague, Mr. Raichand has willingly accepted to help me out for some of my works and the rest of the work I will be doing from home. I won’t be giving extra pressure and load to my colleagues.

I need two weeks leave for my further tests. Kindly grant me leave for my further medical procedure so that I can boost up my energy level and rejoin the office in good spirit.  Thank you in advance for understanding my problem and taking prompt action for this. A copy of doctor’s prescription is attached along with the letter for further procedure.


Knox Overstreet,

Sales Manager,

Hungry Foods Ltd., Britain.

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