Service Termination Letter

Service Termination Letter


When two or more individuals or companies come together to do any business, be it a single business deal or a long term business, they make a legally binding contract. This contract consists of the name of the parties involved, the period of the contract, the division of profits and losses, payments to be made and also contains stipulations regarding termination of services. The services may be terminated due to any reason, be it bad service, delay in service provision or any other reason. It is necessary to formally convey to the other party that the services are terminated. This can be done through an official email or letter.

A Service termination letter is written by an individual or company that is a client of a service provider. This letter serves to inform the service provider that its services are no longer required and will be terminated at a specific date that is listed in the letter. Reason(s) for termination may or may not be given.

Sample Letter:

The following is a Sample of Service Termination Letter.



Global Accessories Ltd

3218 Leo StreetBailey, CO 80421

Bailey, CO 80421





IndexBest Technology & Services

112 Ingram RoadGreensboro, NC 27313

Greensboro, NC 27313

RE: Termination of Services

The company has given your business many warnings regarding your employees’  behavior and work ethics. They have been slacking off and rude. Such a behavior is not accepted in our business and has adversely affected the morale of our entire team for quite some time. Them being rude to one of our customers has not just lost us an old client with whom we have had a wonderful relationship for the past decade but also affected our goodwill in the market. This was not what we had expected out of any of your employees when we had first entered into a business contract with your company.

Herewith, this letter serves to notify you that Global Accessories Ltd is terminating the services of IndexBest Technology & Services as of the end of this month, January 30, 2011.

According to our agreed service contract, your services to Global Accessories Ltd ended on January 30, 2011, and a minimum of 2 week’s notice is to be served by either party for termination. Hence, Global Accessories is fulfilling its obligations according to the contract terms and conditions.

This decision is final, and no further negotiations will be entertained. All dues were cleared on January 30, 2011, at 5 pm when all conditions are fully met.

Thank you for your past services, and we wish you the best in your future undertakings.


Global Accessories Ltd

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