Service Rate Increase Letter


Service rate increase letter is a letter in regard to the increase in the rate of services provided by one party to another. The price hike may be according to the law or due to the increase in raw material or due to their financial crisis. Sometimes it is due to the pressure from the management team. It all depends upon the kind of services provided by the concerned party.

Telling your customer about a price increase seems one of the toughest work. Some people feel uncomfortable when it comes to telling of increase rate to their customers in persons, at that point of time, writing a service rate increase letter in the name of the customer may help out. The Service Rate Increase Letter must sound genuine and should be to the point. If one doesn’t want to loose their customers then it is advised to mention the exact reason for the increase in service rate as it will help to maintain the relationship with the customers.

Sample Letter

The following is a sample letter for Service Rate Increase Letter.


Make It Easy and Clean Ltd.,

MG Road, Street No. 5290.,




Micheal Philips,

Manager, White House Apartment,

Street No. 2950,


Subject: Regarding price hike in service rate.

Dear Mr. Philips,

As per the section43 (a)  of the newly amended law, workers in an apartment, offices, building, restaurants cannot be paid less than rupees 500 a day.

Since our guards and sweepers working in this apartment are paid rupees 425 a day so our management has decided to raise the earnings of the staffs as per the law to rupees 500 per day. The new charges will get into effect from April 1, 2017

On behalf of the whole management team, I take the responsibility of this and promise as well as assure you all that the service provided by us will be up to the mark and you all will be more than happy with the service. Five years have quickly passed since we started providing services for your apartment. In this five years we never talked about price increase but as per the law, we are compelled to do so.

Thank you for being our consistent customer. We enjoy doing business with you. Hope you will try to understand our situation.


John Keating,


Make It Easy and Clean Ltd.,


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