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When someone is new in town, has opened a new business, etc. they may, at one point or another, need services. These services may be for personal or business use. In such cases, when people have not previously used such services that they require, they ask someone else to recommend someone to them. A service letter is written in response to such an inquiry. It may also be written by someone without the recipient asking for it. It is necessary to mention that the writer avail the services of the service provider recommended.

A service letter is a letter written by an individual, firm or company recommending another person, firm or individual which usually provides services ad the writer has been a customer of the said person, firm or company for some time. This letter is usually written by someone. Usually, the person it is addressed to has asked for a recommendation. The tone of the letter should be polite, and the letter should suggest the service provider and not order that the recipient uses the service provider suggested.

Sample Letter:

The following letter is a sample of a Service Letter.



Thomas Peters

Chief Operating Officer

X Y Z Ltd

1980 Nest StreetSaint Louis, MO 63101

Saint Louis, MO 63101





James Hancock

Chief Operating Officer,

A B C Ltd

2247 Washington Avenue Phoenix, AZ 85012

Phoenix, AZ 85012p


Subject: Service Letter


Dear Sir,

Firstly I would like to congratulate you on having started your very own multimedia limited corporation. I understood from your previous correspondences that you are facing problems in your system software. This is a serious issue that could adversely affect your business. I suggest you use an established service provider as they remain up to date and come without the hassle of having to employee people round the clock only for this purpose.

I would recommend The Alpha Power Ltd for the job. It is an established firm that provides quick and cheap solutions to all software related problems. We at A B C Ltd. ourselves have been using their services for three years now and have never had cause for complaint. The services provided are up to date and of the best quality available in our city.

I strongly recommend The Alpha Power Ltd to you as a system software expert. I am confident that if you choose to avail the services of The Alpha Power Ltd for your company they will give you no reason to repine your decision.

Yours sincerely,

Thomas Peters

Chief Operating Officer

X Y Z Ltd.

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