Service Introduction Letter


Service introduction letter is a letter to introduce a new service. This type of letter is usually a formal letter and is mainly written for a business purpose. For introducing its new services, a company usually writes letter targeting a customized group of clients, customers and market in an attractive way with the idea and message behind the introduction of new service. The letter contains the merits of new services and benefits of availing it.

The introduction of new service may be either related to cleaning corporation who wants to introduce a new service related to cleanliness or may also be related to a salon who wants to launch a new service for its customer as per the requirement. The service introduction letter varies according to the corporation and organization. The main reason for a company to write a service introduction letter is to get feedback from its customer and client which will help the company to work with its new service accordingly.

Sample Letter

The following is a sample of Service Introduction Letter.


Fresh Sabzi,

Hinoo, Ranchi,


May 5, 2017.


Prateek Norman,

Manager, Hotel  Radisson Blue,

Main Road, Ranchi,


Subject: Regarding our new service.

Dear Mr. Norman,

‘Fresh Sabzi’ is very thankful to its customers, clients, and promoters, as without you people it is really very hard to exist.

There is a happy news for the people connected to Fresh Sabzi. It is going to introduce a new service in the market very soon. Earlier, the vegetable and fruits were available in our grocery shop and you had to make time for the purchase and sometimes in a hurry, it caused a problem. So we have found an ultimate solution for it. ‘Fresh sabzi’ is going online; you can now buy vegetables online from or can even make the purchase by ordering over the phone using our toll-free number 29500-8000. The payment is to be made through a card or while receiving the delivery. The vegetables will reach within thirty minutes (depending upon the distance) after your order has been made.

We will be introducing this service from May 28, 2017, and the covered distance will be 10 kilometers from the stores located in different part of the city. We need your support and feedback for this service and also we are very thankful to our customers, clients, promoters and well wishers for being so loyal and generous towards us and motivating us to present good every day. We hope you all will appreciate and accept our new service as you have always supported us.

Thanking you.


Ashish Mehta,

Manager, Fresh Sabzi,


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