Service Complaint Letter

Service Complaint Letter


A service complaint letter is usually written by some customer who is unhappy with the bad service experienced from the company. The letter is directed to the management of the company with details of the bad service so that the company can take note and investigate to prevent a repeat of such incident. It is of paramount importance to write this letter formally and courteously so that the situation at hand can be solved. Only when both parties are calm will a solution rise. Being rude in this letter is futile.

In the letter mention your name, the service you purchased and the fault it possesses. Voice your concerns effectively to the company, and they will help you out. Writing this letter cautiously is crucial because it will decide the lightness of the interaction between customer and company. If the concern is valid and voiced in the appropriateĀ manner, your letter will be surely be acknowledged by the company and corrected if need be.


Sample Letter:


Fernande R. Rodriquez

2086 Hillview Street

Charlotte, SC 28202


February 10, 2011



Boston Restaurant

333 Hillcrest Avenue

Boston, MA 12330


Dear Sir / Madam

RE: Complaint about bad service

I am a regular patron of Boston Restaurant as I enjoy the cozy atmosphere and good food served at your outlet.

However, I would like to bring your attention to the bad attitude of your service staff. I have observed that your service staff, particularly the waiters, do not attend to the calls of the patron unless it is for the bill.

If not for the tasty food, I would not continue to patronize your restaurant. There is no service manager to supervise the service staff. They seem to be untrained in their service. Some of them look like foreigners as they could not understand orders and requests made in simple English. It is a rather frustrating experience dining at your restaurant.

I do hope the situation can be improved to allow me a good meal there. Otherwise, I will have to start looking for another dining venue.

Yours sincerely,

Fernande R. Rodriquez

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