Service Agreement Termination Letter


An agreement is a legal understanding between two or more competent parties.It may be a binding contract between the parties. The word termination means to put something to an end. A service agreement termination letter means to put an end to the aforesaid agreement. Terminating the agreement may be due to the financial problems, shortage of supplies, or if one of the parties is not happy with the services.

Service Agreement letter is usually a written agreement between two or more legal parties which involves them in a service for an aforesaid period. A Service Agreement Termination Letter is written to terminate or put an end to any service agreement between two or more legal parties. Since a Service Agreement Termination Letter is usually a formal letter, one needs to sound very courteous and polite. It is also the duty of the concerned party to spit out the exact/ genuine reason for terminating the agreement in a respectful manner so that the relation between the parties does not get hampered.

Sample Letter

The following is a sample letter for Service Agreement Termination Letter.


Fresh n’ Tasty,

Bridge Road, MA-5290,


May 28, 2015.


Kenji Smith,

Vice President,

Hasty-Tasty, Food lounge,

Fort Worth, MA- 2950,


Subject:  Regarding termination of service agreement.

Dear Mr. Smith,

This letter is in regard to the service agreement, letter number 59, signed on April 18, 2015.

As per the agreement letter, our company “Fresh n’ Tasty’ is bound to provide you with the fresh food materials and beverages for a period of five years.

Since we completed our service of four years very well without any complications and delays and of course we never had any issues regarding of business but this finishing year seems to be a fate for our service agreement. As you are aware that the production of beverages this year is very less due to climatic changes and we don’t have any stock left with us. And this is why we are not in a position to provide you the beverages.

We are sad to inform you that due to the shortages we terminate our service agreement, letter number 59, regarding the sale of beverages to you. Hope you will understand our position. If you have any queries related to this matter, feel free to approach us.

Wish you luck for your further business.

Thanking you!

Warm regards,

John Deyos,

Vice Manager,

Fresh n’ Tasty, Berlin.


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