Sentence Reduction Letter


A sentence reduction letter is usually written to the judge to reconsider a particular decision that was already made during the trial of the individual. In this first para, the reason for writing this letter shall be mentioned and also the results that the writer is expecting. The writer needs to make sure that they are able to convince the judge to reevaluate his/her decision by giving valid details to reassess the decision. Such a kind of formal letter, specially written to a higher authority like a judge shall be polite, respectful and at the same time professional.

The reason for writing the letter and the results that the individual requires shall be very strong. For e.g. if a person may want a reduction in the period they have been imprisoned then they need to elaborately explain as to why they were detained in the first place and why is it that they want a reduction in the term of their prison. Here, the reasons could be that they are a first time offender or that they are still a minor or maybe the crime was not that huge as compared to the punishment given.

The conclusion of the letter shall state that the offender is deeply sad and regrets his act of crime. He shall give assurance of the fact that no crime will ever be committed by him/her in future.



A sample letter for sentence reduction for shoplifting is given below:


Zara Malik,

3/B Apartments,

Sixteenth Street,

New York, USA.





The Judge,

Small Causes Court,

Eleventh Street,

New York, USA.


Dear Honourable Judge Thomas,

I am writing this letter to you to reconsider my sentencing on DD/MM/YYYY for shoplifting at Falcom Stores. I have been sentenced to imprisonment for 2 full years and I completely understand my act of foolishness and the seriousness of my actions. However, I’m writing this letter to request you to kindly look into the matter and reconsider the decision as being in jail for two full years will have a great impact on me and my career as well.

I’m pursuing Law in Grand Brick Law College. I’m currently in my first year and being in jail for two years will have a great impact on my studies and a major loss of two years. I understand that the crime of shoplifting committed by me is not a small act but I unknowingly did so under the pressure of my friends whereas they got away with it as they didn’t steal anything. I have understood the seriousness of the matter and also understood what kind of impact it can have on my career.

Hence, I would like to request you to resentence me with some community work at my college or any other punishment that you feel is applicable for the crime I have committed.


Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,


Zara Malik.

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