Second Chance Love Letter


A second chance love letter is written to a partner with whom you want a second chance in the relationship. Sometimes, it may happen that due to some misunderstandings or problems in a relationship or one of the two partners might want to breakup. However, it is essential to understand that a relationship has its own pros and cons. Just because of a fight or some misunderstanding, one must not end it. However, it ‘s hard to express it all verbally to your partner. That is when this letter acts a medium of making things right.

A second chance love letter is an informal letter where a partner expresses his/her deepest emotions towards the other person, asking for a second chance to their relationship. Relationships are hard to maintain, but with the right amount of understanding and love, one can withstand any trouble that comes one’s way. You must use simple language for the letter.

Sample Letter

The following is the sample of an a second chance love letter.


Mayank Shrivastava,

G-23, GLP Apartments,

New Delhi.



Payal Mandal,

NNF-228, Hill View Colony,

New Delhi.

Subject – A second chance.

Dear Payal,

Hello, love, warm greetings to you. How are you? I hope you are doing well at your end. However, I am not really in my best of form ever since that fight between us happened a fortnight ago. I know we had been fighting a lot more than we used to and that day it went a little too far because of which we decided to take a break, but I can’t withstand it now.

You have been the one who has always been there no matter what. You have seen both sides of me and accepted me as I was. You have been through the lows and highs, have always celebrated my success and when I needed someone to tell me that things will be alright when they were going terribly wrong, you were the only one there. Though this is not a good excuse, I have been under a lot of work pressure recently. And it all came down to you. I had never wanted to hurt you so bad like I did that way. When I calmed down, I realized what a terrible mistake I have done, but I couldn’t face you. I want to meet you and tell you that I can’t do without you. I hope we meet soon and sort out all the differences. I miss you.

Yours Loving,

Mayank Shrivastava.


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