School Recommendation letter

School Recommendation letter


A Recommendation letter is written by any authority or any organization, recommending a certain person for a post or a kind of work to the concerning organization. The letter usually mentions why a certain person would be a good candidate for consideration and what benefits might they get if they get accepted into the organization.

A School Recommendation letter can be written by an authority, business personnel or academia, to recommend to a particular school a student who wishes to further his or her studies there. The recommender would need to furnish strong reasons to the school for considering the student favourably. The recommender can also give their own details in case the School would want to verify the details and the letter. All the necessary details must be given about the candidate being recommended and what they plan to achieve by getting accepted to the School. The letter should be kept brief and formal.

Sample Letter


Joanna Ann Marie


Choral Preparatory School

8839 Santa Maria Lane
Orlando, FL 38740

26 January 2016


St. Judes Christian Missionary School

1506 Havanna Street
Winston Salem, NC 27107

Dear Sir

Subject: School recommendation

It gives me immense pleasure to recommend one of Choral Prep School’s finest students, Ms. Cheryl Cooper, to the prestigious St. Judes Christian Missionary School.

Ms. Cheryl Cooper has been on our roll for the past 3 years and she performs outstandingly in her studies, co-curricular and personal aspects. She has always been one of the top 5 students in her class, excelling in the academic area. Ms. Cooper takes great pleasure in Art and Music and has represented the School in many competitions and has always made us proud by bringng in laurels to the school. She also excels in the art of debating and has proved her worth multiple times. Ms. Cooper is a favourite with the educators at Choral Prep School and is known for her courteous and respectful attitude. Her peers seek her approval and her juniors her counsel.

Ms. Cheryl Cooper is highly considering St. Judes Christian Missionary School to finish her academic studies till College level. St. Judes is renowned for its high-quality teaching and facilities. It would help her a great deal by being mentored by your prestigious faculty and would shape her into a much better personality and a good citizen.

I shall be grateful if your Admission Committee would consider Ms. Cooper’s application to St. Judes Schristian Missionary School favoruably.

Thanking you.

Yours Sincerely

Joanna Ann Marie


Choral Preparatory School

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